Who we are

Engine Yard is the full-stack DevOps Ruby experts you need. We’ll migrate, optimize, and monitor your app more cost-effectively than you could on your own.

You don't have to scale a DevOps team or hire DBAs. And with our 24/7 full-stack support team, we have your back.

Our Leadership


Andy Tryba


Andy is a technology optimist and the founder & CEO of Think3, founder & CEO of Crossover, co-founder & CEO of RideAustin and the CEO of a variety of technology companies including Engine Yard, DNN Corp, Kayako, Bizness Apps, FogBugz, School Loop, Agemni & SLI Systems.

Andy’s most recent venture is a $1B private equity fund called Think3. Think3 is designed to enable entrepreneurs to exit their startups earlier to take more shots at creating new innovation. The firm fundamentally believes that founders should think of their career as a portfolio - and sell their modestly growing company earlier to start their next high growth venture/unicorn. Think3 purchases these companies, enables a unique process to enable the founder and team to go start their new venture - and provides them $500k as non-equity angel funds to assist.

Through this fund - Andy has purchased and is currently the CEO of Engine Yard - a devops software company, CEO of DNN Corp - an open source content management platform, CEO of Kayako - a customer service software company, CEO of Bizness Apps - a mobile app publishing platform, CEO of FogBugz - a software developer workflow tool, CEO of School Loop - a learning management system for schools, CEO of Agemni - a sales enablement software and CEO of SLI System - a leading website search engine software.

Andy also founded Crossover in 2014 and has now grown it to become one of the largest online talent marketplaces - spanning over 130 countries. Crossover was established on the belief that the best talent is distributed worldwide - but opportunity isn’t.

In his spare time - Andy is also the co-founder & CEO of the world’s only non-profit rideshare called RideAustin. RideAustin has completed nearly 3M rides to date while simultaneously raising over $400k for local charities.

Andy is also passionate about the US-Japan international relationship. He serves as a Delegate in the US-Japan Leadership Program - bringing together key leaders from both countries, he started a non-profit Japanese cultural and coding school in Austin called the Japanese Heritage Academy and serves as a Board Member of the Texas Central High Speed rail - the first private high-speed rail in the US exporting the Japanese Shinkansen technology.

Previously, Andy spent 14 years running strategy at Intel Corporation and was also an advisor to the US White House on the future of jobs and engineering talent. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Illinois and a MBA from Rice University.



Bobbi Kommineni

Senior Vice-President of Operations

As Senior Vice President of Operations at Engine Yard, Bobbi Kommineni is responsible for the daily operations and continually driving performance improvement for the company. She brings more than 20 years of experience to Engine Yard. Her experience and leadership focus on delivering business solutions, providing outstanding client support and driving profitable revenue growth.

In addition to her role at Engine Yard, Bobbi leads a number of other software organizations operations within a private equity portfolio at ESW Capital. Prior to this role, Bobbi spent 10 years advising Tier 1 retailers on strategy and systems to improve planning process at Oracle Retail, and held global positions within sales, product marketing and consulting services at Dun & Bradstreet, i2 Technologies and Trilogy Software.

Bobbi holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.




Ash Prasad

Vice President of Product

Ash is VP of Product for Engine Yard and other companies under Think3 portfolio. Ash has held various Engineering & Product positions over the past 21 years. Ash helped build enterprise-grade software for numerous Fortune 500 clients, including Best Buy Canada, Humana Inc., Provident Bank and Tata Steel. Prior to this, Ash was head of Engineering and Support at DNN Corp., which was acquired by ESW Capital in 2017, one of the largest privately held software businesses.

Ash holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Varanasi, India, and an MBA from University of Phoenix. Ash is a two-time Microsoft MVP and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).



Kevin Johnson

Director of Customer Success

Entrepreneurial, business educated professional with a rich mix of business development, leadership, sales, marketing and operations expertise developed in international enterprise business settings. Diverse experiences span start-up to work-out, turnaround, and rapid growth environments, with proven success resolving long-standing problems and creating solutions that increase revenue and improve operational efficiency. Ambitious, goal oriented and enthusiastic lead with a talent for hiring, developing and supervising highly successful sales teams.




Daniel Valfre

Director of Support

At Engine Yard, Daniel runs a fully remote, 24/7/365 world-class Support Team composed of AWS specialists, DBAs, and Ruby on Rails experts.  He also works closely with Customer Success, Product Management, and Engineering Teams on providing the 'voice of the customers' ensuring that the Engine Yard value proposition appeals to everyone.

Daniel strives to see things getting done, customers satisfied, and colleagues happy.

He has been around computers since he was able to get his hands on one and held positions on relevant areas on companies like Telecom Personal and Intel Corp.  He has also taught university courses and done open source advocacy.  Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science on Information Systems degree from Universidad Blas Pascal, Argentina.



Matt Brovelli

Vice President of Customer Success

As Vice President of Customer Success at Engine Yard, Matthew Brovelli is responsible for the overall customer experience. We aim to delight our customers with high quality services and ensuring that we align the company and industry vision to ensure long term customer success.
Matthew began his professional career in Website Development in 2001 and then moved on to refine his Software Development skills at Striata and SLI Systems. After creating a solid foundation in how to deliver high performing software, Matthew moved into leadership roles and has almost 10 years experience leading global and cross-functional teams. Matthew has a pragmatic, agile and data-driven approach to leadership focusing on continual improvement through coaching, automation, streamlining and using the best tooling.


What our Customers say

Since starting to work with Engine Yard in 2010, the CustomerSure team has never regretted their decision to host with Engine Yard. Read the case study »

Chris Stainthorpe, Co-Founder

"It was a big decision to go with Engine Yard and I have not had a single regret since we started working with them three years ago." Read the case study »

David Kopans, Founder

“We rely on Engine Yard to give us the high scalability, fast deployments, and deep expertise we need for our clients, including Facebook. With each monthly edition of Facebook Stories, we can handle huge traffic bursts of 10s of millions of pageviews daily – and to get more resources, we just click a button. Engine Yard Cloud is very simple to set up, so we can deploy our apps quickly. With the freedom to customize our environment, our clients' apps run faster and deliver the best performance.”

Charles Wu, Founder

“We rely on Engine Yard to deliver a flexible, reliable platform with a rock-solid stack, so we don’t have to invest in building internal resources and hiring an ops team. Even with our customized configurations, Engine Yard makes it easy to deploy – we just click a button. We go from development to staging to production with all of our focus on building a great product.”

CJ Johnson, Chief Technical Officer

“Engine Yard is, quite simply, phenomenal. Their expertise is deep, their service remarkable, their spirit generous, and their support unparalleled. Switching to Engine Yard is the best tech decision—indeed, the best business decision—our nonprofit has ever made.”

Robert Tolmach, CTO