AppFirst provides application developers and system operators with the power to collect, visualize and alert on system metrics, process metrics, custom metrics (using StatsD, see below), and log data. This deep view helps to greatly reduce resolution time for production issues allowing you to maximize time spent developing your product roadmap. AppFirst runs natively on the Engine Yard platform, requires no software installation on your part, and helps ensure constant operational visibility. In seconds, you'll gain under-the-hood visibility into complex relationships between application and resource performance, across all servers in an enabled environment. As a partner of New Relic, our StatsD as a Service, log data, and rich systems data provides the perfect contextual complement to their deep application monitoring.

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Features and Benefits

StatsD as a Service - Collect, visualize, and alert on custom business and application metrics ranging from shopping cart abandonments to counts of data processed. Don’t worry about building and maintaining an infrastructure or coding your own UI; Appfirst provides a big data backend architecture and customizable dashboards to visualize your custom data submissions. Get you started in minutes!

Log Management - Configure and receive alerts, correlate with all other collected metric data, and visualize your logs on the AppFirst dashboard.

Native to Engine Yard - AppFirst is already running on the Engine Yard platform helping facilitate their excellent premium support offering. Simply enable your environments in Engine Yard Add-ons and start benefiting now; zero software to install without concern of impacting your systems stability through change.

Application-meets-Resource Monitoring - By continuously collecting unique, process data throughout your entire stack, AppFirst provides real time insight between all application components as well as a detailed view of how your applications utilize system resources.

“We don’t want to hear from a client that their site is down or the service is slow, we want to know before it’s an issue for the client – and we want to know if it’s a problem with just their site or the whole server. AppFirst gives us that visibility.“ - Tom Genega, The Burgiss Group



  • Free
  • Standard: $15 /per server /month
  • Pro: $25 /per server /month