Blitz is the leading self-service cloud based load and performance testing platform. Built specifically for developers of API, cloud, web and mobile applications, Blitz delivers unique capabilities to quickly and efficiently ensure performance and scalability. To accelerate cloud adoption, Blitz offers tools to ensure a high quality end user experience. Blitz is easy to use, aligns with new programming techniques like AGILE and continuous integration, and requires no scripting. Blitz allows users to run as many load tests as required, and from multiple regions around the world. Screenshot

Features and Benefits

Development - Blitz brings load and performance testing early into the development cycle. We have made it easy for you by integrating Blitz on most PaaS platforms.

Staging - Once you app or website is ready, Staging it for production is the next phase. This is where you ensure that all features and capabilities are working as designed. What better time to test performance than just before your users do? Blitz allows you to do just that.

Production - So you survived development, things look okay in staging and now you are in production. Awesome! Your app is up and your users are loving it. Now you need to ensure your app stays that way.

Testing 1-2-3, Testing! Having @blitz_io crush our website with traffic. Average response time 20ms! Booya!

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  • Each credit provides 1,000 virtual users for 1 minute
  • Combine credits to increase the concurrency (up to 50,000 virtual users) or the test duration (up to 20 minutes)
  • 40 credits - $40
  • 150 credits - $135
  • 300 credits - $240