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Sony, Nintendo, CIA, Citibank, and even the US Senate have been hacked through website applications. According to Gartner, over 75% of attacks occur through Web applications and over 97% of web sites are vulnerable to these attacks. While the Ruby on Rails Framework has some built-in security features, there are additional vulnerabilities that need addressing when developing web applications. With Engine Yard and Cenzic solutions coming together, customers can test their applications for vulnerabilities before publishing. Cenzic’s Cloud service is like a “hacker in a box” – it tests your website for flaws that are most often exploited by criminals.

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Features and Benefits

Unified Architecture - Because all Cenzic products are built on the same Hailstorm technology platform, users can effortlessly transfer data between software deployments (Cenzic Enterprise and Cenzic Desktop) and cloud deployments (Cenzic Managed Cloud, Cenzic Cloud and Cenzic Mobile).

Robust, Easy-to-Generate Reports - With Cenzic Enterprise, users can quickly and easily generate reports in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel and Word.

Web-Based Dashboard - The Cenzic Enterprise dashboard provides a standardized platform to manage Cloud and Web application security risk throughout the enterprise. Role-based visibility provides a company-wide view of security status to executives as well as customized views to other users. Access is managed through the dashboard to control permissions of users and govern application access.



  • HealthCheck: $10 / month
  • Bronze: $33 / month
  • Silver: $83 / month
  • Gold: $167 / month