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CloudMailin allows you to receive any volume of incoming email via a Webhook. You are given an email address that will forward any incoming message to your app, as an HTTP POST, within milliseconds. You can also seamlessly check the delivery status of each of your incoming emails via the dashboard, bounce emails that you do not wish to receive and use your own domain name.

CloudMailin Screenshot

Features and Benefits

No more complicated setups - You no longer have to setup and run your own email servers or cron jobs to collect email. Just Signup and let us do the work. You receive your email just like a WebHook.

Works with your Framework - Easily receive email in Ruby on Rails, PHP, .Net, Java, Django or any language/framework we forgot. Since the email is delivered as an HTTP Post it's simple.

Let your app do what it does best - Many setups require custom handlers or an entire new instance of your app just to receive incoming email. With CloudMailin let your app do what it does best. Receive HTTP requests.

Built to be fast - Unlike many other setups it is the CloudMailin servers that deliver your emails to your app. No more polling or waiting for new processes to spawn. Email can arrive in as little as a few milliseconds.



  • Free
  • Micro: $9/month
  • Starter: $29/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Premium: $85/month