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Codeship offers hosted continuous integration and deployment that helps speeding up the deployment cycle of software companies from days or even weeks to only a few hours. It provides the environment for your tests. Stop worrying about maintenance and infrastructure and do what you do best: Developing software you are passionate about. Codeship's automated deployment boosts efficiency in software development. Codeship supports: Ruby, Java, node.js, Python, PHP, and various Databases and datastores.Flexible setup of source code management servers and technology stacks make Codeship the most convenient solution for continuous integration and deployment.

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Features and Benefits

Source Code - Connect your GitHub account to the Codeship and pick your repository.

The Codeship - Configure your test commands and on each push to GitHub we test and deploy.

Hosting Platform - Configure multiple deployments and we push your code to your hosting platforms.

I was really impressed with the Codeship's out-of-the-box no hassle setup working with Redis, Postgres and Mongo as well as the Customer Support. _ Monica Wilkinson - Crushpath _



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