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CopperEgg cloud monitoring provides simple, smart, and fast insight into your cloud servers, websites, web applications, and services to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues. TheCopperEgg unified dashboard updates in seconds (not minutes) and reveals details that help uncover previously hidden information and resolve problems before they arise. Use CopperEgg in every phase of your application development cycle, from initial design to testing to production. CopperEgg gives you the insight you need to understand what is happening from inside your cloud instances and from outside customer experience.

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Features and Benefits

Cloud Monitoring - Quick insight into the performance, quality, and availability of websites and servers.

Server Monitoring - RevealCloud – dashboard for hosted servers, public clouds, Amazon EC2, Rackspace.

Website Monitoring - RevealUptime – response time analytics. 15 second checks, ops-centric, multi-user.

Unified View - Visualize your servers, websites and web applications together in one unified real-time view.

“Real-time data is a godsend. It’s allowed us to diagnose problems we literally couldn’t understand before. I can’t even count the number of (really painful!) hours it’s saved us.” – Jason Cohen, Founder of WP Engine



  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $9/month/per server
  • Enterprise: contact us