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DocRaptor generates high quality PDF and XLS documents without expensive upfront server license cost or time-consuming open source conversion libraries. An awesomely simple API makes it easy to implement features like report and proposal downloads within your app. XLS and PDF docs are notoriously hard to work with. DocRaptor eviscerates the conversion process so that HTML actually renders like you want it to.

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Features and Benefits

Plug-'n-Play API - We know you don't want to waste time with configuration and coding, so we make it simple to generate PDF and Excel documents.

Work with what you know - It's just HTML. DocRaptor eliminates tedious coding, allowing you to create beautiful, fully functioning PDF and XLS documents from simple HTML. Make an HTTP POST request to our API and get your document in a matter of seconds.

Quality rendering - DocRaptor fully supports CSS and produces high-quality PDF and Excel documents. We also provide optional creation parameters, allowing you to further customize your documents.

Quick & friendly support - Our support team is eager to help and easy to reach. We offer several options for getting in touch, depending on your current plan: email, live chat, and phone support.



  • Starter: Free
  • Basic: $19/month
  • Professional: $37/month
  • Premium: $95/month