Provisioned with a single click, simple to operate and cost effective. Easy, fast, no admin, no tuning and no limits. Choose how you wish to connect and then leave the database to us. Your application just works instantly and seamlessly. JustOneDB is fast (like every column is indexed) yet requires no design or administration. Data is fully replicated and backed-up (paid plans). Pay only for your raw data size and simple migration from other databases.

JustOneDB  Screenshot

Features and Benefits

PostgreSQL Compatible - Looks and feels just like PostgreSQL v9

Ridiculously Simple - Just insert, update and query as you want. No tuning or re-design as things get much bigger.

Keep costs under control - Only pay for your raw data size (unlike some others)

Scalability - Simply scales as your application grows



  • Lambda: Free
  • Sigma: $19/month
  • Xi: $199/month
  • Charmed Xi: $349/month
  • Double Charmed Xi: $499/month