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Loggly is a leading provider of a Logging-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform for log management and data analysis. Loggly’s cloud-based service enables users to monitor, debug and troubleshoot their IT infrastructure, applications and business processes. Loggly has a rich set of features that makes log management fun and easy. Log data contains tons of valuable information that helps the entire organization understand its business. Loggly allows you to be proactive with your log data, resulting in better business intelligence and actionable results. Log search becomes easy and centralized with Loggly.

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Features and Benefits

Application Intelligence - Complete Application Intelligence, know what's going on with your app and users 24/7.

Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis - Find the cause of the problem and eliminate it, while being able to continuously search out and fix bugs during the development and deployment process.

Systems Monitoring & Alerting - Eliminate issues before they become fires! Monitor your app for threats and set up custom alerts so you know before everyone knows.

"Loggly has excellent customer service and support. The entire team is responsive with even the CEO pitching in to respond to support requests."

Jonathan Pines - Giftrocket



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