Instantly add a full email infrastructure to you application. Programmatically send, receive, parse and store emails with our APIs. Mailgun was built to alleviate email development pain. With our APIs, developers can send fully compliant emails, track those emails with our campaign monitoring, receive parsed emails and either store them or post them to a URL they choose.

MailGun Screenshot

Features and Benefits

Built For Developers - Control everything through intuitive, RESTful APIs.

Optimized Deliverability - Get emails delivered to inbox.

Receiving, Parsing & Storage - Real email servers, not just SMTP relay.

Track Everything - Analytics to measure and improve your performance.



  • Free: 200 messages per day w/ temporary storage
  • Basic: $1 per 1,000 message and $1 per GB of storage (subject to $19 per month minimum)
  • Pro: $0.50 per 1,000 messages and $0.50 per GB of storage (subject to $59 per month minimum)