MongoHQ is the proven solution for using MongoDB on the web. Besides hosting your data in the cloud, we provide tools for manging, optimizing and measuring the performance of your databases through the MongoHQ web interface. Along with our shared plans, MongoHQ offers both replica set plans that provide enterprise-grade high-availability automatic failover as well as custom dedicated solutions that we can build to match the needs of our customers. Through effective support and a solid product offering, our goal is to be the database expert that you need so you can go back to focusing on what you do best...making your product great.

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Features and Benefits

Start Fast - We built MongoHQ for developers. Creating an account and adding a database takes less than 60 seconds. That way, you can get back to making your product awesome.

__ Go Fast__ - Not only do we diligently work to provide the fastest and most optimized install of MongoDB available, we monitor individual database performance as well. Whether it be a slow query or a need for more resources, we alert you and work with you to keep things speedy.

Grow Fast - From our smallest sandbox database options all the way to custom sharded clusters, we provide a smooth path for you to grow your database on the MongoHQ platform. Our team prides itself on being the best MongoDB hosting platform.

Engine Yard customers receive 30% off their first three months. - Simply create your account and database(s) and email \"\" asking to receive the Engine Yard discount.



  • Sandbox - Free
  • Micro - $5 per month
  • Small - $15 per month
  • Large - $49 per month
  • Replica Set Small - Coming soon
  • Replica Set Large - $300 per month