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We offer deep and wide monitoring to allow secure monitoring of network services and servers, both publicly accessible and those behind a firewall. We guarantee no false alerts – we combine checks from multiple geographic locations to ensure you are actually having a problem before starting the alerting process, ensuring you are contacted ONLY when there’s a real issue. We provide intelligent alerting with customizable notification timelines that give you flexibility in when and how alerts are sent. You can tailor notifications to specific systems, so you can alert folks with the appropriate level of urgency based on the criticality of the problem.

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Features and Benefits

Deep and Wide Monitoring - Modern websites and online applications involve lots of complex pieces that all need to work together. With all these moving parts, you need to do more than just ping your servers every 30 minutes to make sure everything is working properly.

No False Alerts Ever - You trust a monitoring system to alert you when there is a problem as well as to give you peace of mind that when things are radio silent, everything is working properly. As a result, your monitoring system MUST catch all outages as they occur while at the same time, not giving you false alerts.

Intelligent Alerting. - When a problem is detected in your network infrastructure, you need a system that will ensure that it’s a legitimate problem and at the same time, know that the right people are or will be notified. What good is a solution that only provides a single message to one person that may or may not be able to respond?

“From our experience, Panopta has succeeded in delivering the holy grail of the monitoring industry by providing a significantly more robust, flexible and accurate solution than its competitors.” _Theo Robertson-Bonds - Immediate VPS _



  • Solo: $15/month
  • Basic: $50/month
  • Intermediate: $100/month
  • Advanced: $250/month