Your companion to become a global player. PhraseApp is the translation management software for multilingual websites and mobile apps. Manage your entire software translation with PhraseApp. Bring your own translators or order professional translations from within PhraseApp.

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Features and Benefits

Easy Translation Management - Translate apps and websites in just a few clicks with the fully featured Translation Center platform and the powerful In-Context Editor.

Translate Content - With the PhraseApp Translation Center we provide the best way for you to manage translations and localize your application’s content.

View the Context - With the PhraseApp In-Context Editor, translators can finally see where and how their translations are used in the translated product. They can even edit translations right in the browser while surfing the website. See the In-Context Editor applied to the PhraseApp-demo site.

Collaboration - Work with your own team and bring your own translators. Or simply get translations from professionals from within PhraseApp.

Integration & Setup - Every translation process is slightly different. We offer a fully featured API to enable a flexible integration of PhraseApp into your workflow. Continuous localization is amazingly simple with PhraseApp!

"PhraseApp has saved us tons of development time, both up front and in supporting existing features. Thanks to PhraseApp, launching in a new country is virtually painless for our dev team. We are able to easily translate our site into nine different languages hassle-free and easily." - Søren Houen, CTO BetterNow



  • Free
  • Silver: $9 /per language /month
  • Gold: $15 /per language /month
  • Custom: for large projects