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Sauce OnDemand provides cloud-based computing for manual and automated cross-browser testing. It also removes the headaches of maintaining on-premise test infrastructure. Get faster results, cut the infrastructure cost of running your own test machines, and increase development speed with test recording and playback with the Sauce OnDemand service. With Sauce OnDemand you can: record and playback test videos to identify failures and see how web apps look in different browsers, automate browser tasks via an API, run tests in parallel, saving time and allowing for agile development and continuous integration.

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Features and Benefits

Support for mobile and desktop browsers - Test against 65+ mobile and desktop Browser/OS combos. Write a test once and run it across multiple browsers in parallel.

Secure testing behind the firewall - Run your tests behind a firewall via a secure HTTP proxy, without opening ports or whitelisting IPs.

Rich test results - Watch live and recorded video/screenshots of your tests. Create breakpoints to have interactive control of your automated tests.

Iron-Clad security - Get a pristine VM for every test—browsers with no history, no extraneous plug-ins, and no hacks—to test with confidence repeatedly.

"Every time we run tests against Sauce Labs, we know that they're reliable and there was no overhead. We have no Selenium infrastructure. Zero. It just doesn't make sense for us. It's not our core competency." William Belk, Head of Product at Beachmint



  • Free
  • Light: $12
  • Medium Spicy: $49
  • Very Spicy: $149
  • Extra Hot: $279