Scout Monitoring

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Monitoring a server cluster without a sys admin? You’ll love Scout. Scout simplifies monitoring a cluster of servers: easily compare metrics across servers with charts, update monitoring across many server with a single click, and extend Scout with your own plugins (written in Ruby). Scout starts at $49 for 3 servers. More than 16 servers is $7/each.

Scout Monitoring Screenshot

Features and Benefits

Configure online - Choose what you want to monitor through our web interface. Your choices are automatically & securely retrieved by each one of your monitored servers.

Easy for sysadmins and non-sysadmins - Our philosophy is that products don't have to be complicated to be powerful. So you don't have to be a sysadmin to use Scout. If you are a sysadmin, you'll appreciate the elegance and power that Scout brings to your monitoring tasks.

Runs on Ruby - Ruby is one of the fastest growing languages out there, and for good reason. Your servers probably all have Ruby on them already.



  • 30 days trial: Free
  • Standard: $10/month/per server
  • Enhanced: $15/month/per server
  • Premium: $20/month/per server
  • Enterprise: $799/month