Solano Labs

Solano Labs, maker of Tddium is a software as a service that automates and accelerates software build and test in the cloud. We allow our customers to set up continuous integration in minutes, free them from managing a testing environment, and let them deploy software 10 - 25x faster by running tests in parallel, safely and automatically. We have customers big and small that have increased their performance while reducing their costs and most importantly their development teams now have more time to focus on innovating core product. They also receive analytics on their test and can use this to diagnose bugs, increase performance parameters and further understand their business. The outcome is higher quality software and more time for innovation on core product. Follow us on Twitter here @solanolabs

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Features and Benefits

Work Faster And Smarter

  • Works with any Ruby test suite

  • Integrates with any git server

  • Detects your app's software, database, and service dependencies and configures them automatically

  • Automatically splits up your test suite to run in parallel

  • Automatically deploys your code when tests pass

  • Sends build notifications via email, Campfire, and Hipchat.

"Tddium has been very valuable to us by drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to run our test suite. We no longer have dev machines tied up running tests, which means we work faster and notice regressions earlier. Highly recommended!" Peter Burchhardt,



  • Individual: $15/month
  • Small: $50/month
  • Large: $100/month
  • Enterprise: contact us.