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SpacialDB is a Geospatial database service that allows you to easily create, operate and scale dedicated Geospatial databases in the cloud. Your SpacialDB databases can be used transparently in place of SQL and noSQL databases. Plus our HTTP API makes it a one step process to integrate with mobile and web applications. With SpacialDB you just sign up and instantly load location data and access spatial functions from your existing app.

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Features and Benefits

Instant Access - Get your own fully functional geoenabled PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service in seconds. Focus on hacking instead of servers, config files and updates. With SpacialDB you always have the latest version of PostgreSQL and PostGIS to work with.

Scalability - We grow with you. Start off for free and pick the plan you need as your database grows in size.

Protection & Backup - Your data is safe with us. All our connections are SSL secured and your data is backed up continuously.

Multi-ingress - No matter what client or what programming language you are using, you will be able to access your database. PostgreSQL supports most programming languages including Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, C/C++ or .Net.



  • Try me: Free
  • Basic: $9.99/month
  • Advanced: $29.99/month
  • Pro: $59.99/month