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Zencoder is cloud-based video and audio encoding software as a service (SaaS). Because we're based in the cloud, it means you have access to unlimited video encoding power without having to pay for, manage, and scale expensive hardware and/or software. We have a wide range of customers, from professional content producers to Fortune 500 enterprises , all who need to automate the encoding process through our encoding API or our batch encoder. Zencoder's cloud-based encoding platform is designed to be incredibly powerful where it matters and dead simple whenever possible. It features extremely fast encoding, industry leading reliability and unmatched input file compatibility.

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Features and Benefits

Fastest Encoding Speeds - Zencoder consistently delivers the fastest encoding times in the cloud. Even HD Quality video is encoded faster than realtime.

Any Video. Any Device. - Zencoder has an industry leading 99.9% encoding success rate and supports outputs for nearly every device on the market.

Apple HTTP Live Streaming - Streaming to iPad or iPhone? Zencoder supports Apple’s HLS standards guaranteeing beautiful video on all iOS devices.

Easy API Integration - Integrate in an afternoon with Zencoder's well documented API, easy-to-use API Request Builder, integration libraries, and dedicated support.

"Zencoder has been a big part of our success. Our interactions with their platform and team have exceeded our expectations. Zencoder was the right choice for PBS." Jon Brendsel, VP of Product for PBS Interactive



  • Test: Free
  • Pay-as-you-go: 5c/per minute
  • Launch: $40/month - 4c each addition mn.
  • Traction: $300/month - 3c each addition mn.
  • Growth: $2,000/month - 2c each addition mn.