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How to use Environment Variables on Engine Yard with Envyable

If you’re building an application in this day and age, chances are that you’re following methods from the Twelve-Factor App. One of these is to store configuration in the environment versus hard-coding them in your application.

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Movember is Back!

It's that time of year again. The temperature's getting colder, leaves are changing color, and men all around are doing their best to grow the manliest moustache on the planet. Yep, Movember is happening and members of the Engine Yard Facial Hair Club are hard at work trying to grow their mo's.

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RailsInstaller: An Unexpected Journey

In the course of every man’s life, there comes a time when he must rise up and own the moment. He must buckle down and become the leader he was meant to be. He must bear a great burden and push through to become a stronger person. This is not that journey…or is it?

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High Availability Best Practices

Let’s face it: outages are a pain. They’re also unavoidable. Whether your application is in the cloud or on physical hardware, it’s bound to encounter failures eventually.

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Rails Development on Windows. Seriously.

I love Windows. I love how stupidly easy it is for browsing the web, checking email, or writing Word documents (if you actually still do that). I love that Windows is everywhere and even my grandmother can use it.

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