[Press Release] Engine Yard Unveils Platinum Support


Ruby on Rails Experts Offer Unprecedented Stack Support to Its Customers

Austin, TX—August 18, 2017—Engine Yard, the leading provider of support services for Ruby on Rails applications, is proud to announce the introduction of its Platinum Support level. More details about this unprecedented service offering can be found at www.engineyard.com/platinum.

Many Engine Yard customers expressed a need for Ruby on Rails engineers to work more like a part of their internal organizations. Engine Yard listened to these requests and responded with a new Platinum Support level, which provides enhanced, proactive, 24/7 support as well as application and development services built into the plan. This offering empowers application developers to sleep well at night knowing someone is overseeing their network. It also means they have somewhere to turn if a perplexing coding or scripting issue arises.

Features of Platinum Support include:

  • Custom endpoint monitoring
  • 100 hours a year of application and development consulting services for chef scripting, code rescue, feature building, and more
  • Two database analyses per year
  • Full stack support
  • Custom runbook
  • Unlimited web-based reactive and proactive ticketing

“Engine Yard has always taken pride in providing the best Ruby on Rails expertise to our customers,” says Andy Tryba, CEO of Engine Yard. “So when customers told us they wanted an even more hands-on level of support beyond what we offered, we responded by creating Platinum Support. With Platinum, we can provide a new level of engagement and further contribute to our valued clients’ success.”

To learn more about Engine Yard, visit www.engineyard.com.

About Engine Yard

Engine Yard is the leading Ruby on Rails full-stack services company specializing in provisioning, managing, monitoring and controlling applications on AWS. Engine Yard specializes in deep partnerships with customers to provide mission-critical support and uptime. Engine Yard has thousands of customers across 58 countries and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit www.engineyard.com.


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