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Many great folks in our community have joined forces to help spread the word and to help those in need in Japan. If you haven’t yet, please check out Rubyists for Japan. We encourage you to donate and spread the word to help our friends in Japan.

Engine Yard is helping for the simplest of reasons: Japan has experienced a terrible natural disaster and the people there need help.

On another level, Ruby on Rails was built on Ruby, a fundamental technology that originated in Japan. We have been committed to Ruby on Rails for over five years, owe a debt of gratitude for that alone.

But the most important reason is deeply personal. Over the years we’ve met, befriended, and appreciated our Japanese friends for their talent, dedication, skill, integrity and honor through our interactions with them at Ruby conferences and events throughout the world. This makes them family, and we believe family is most important of all. So we’re doing what we can and thinking of them constantly as they make their way through this terrible tragedy.

For these reasons Engine Yard is honored to donate and match employee donations before March 30, 2011.

We encourage you and your team to contribute too. Please donate if you’re able, and help direct people to

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