1st Stop. What is DevOps? - Podcast


Welcome to Engine Yard's Podcast Journey.

We would like to take you on a journey around several concepts of interest for the communities of developers. For this first stop, Conductor @snuggsi attended RubyConf 2017 in New Orleans, and had a revealing conversation with PJ Hagerty @aspleenic, James Paterni from Engine Yard and JC Avena from Zelis Healthcare. A relevant conversation around the question, what is DevOps?

Listen to it and leave us your opinion below, what is DevOps for you? And don't forget to subscribe for more interesting content.


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Should I Hire DevOps or Outsource to a Provider?

You have to invest in your infrastructure: Do you hire DevOps for this critical function, assign it to your already overworked engineers, or outsource to a provider that offers full-stack capabilities?

PaaS Is Dead

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