Why, Hello Portland!


We’ve been longtime fans and supporters of the open source community. Many of our employees, customers, and partners hail from the thriving open source community in the Pacific Northwest. Today we’re excited to announce we’re opening an engineering office in Portland, Oregon. It also happens we’re hiring.

###Join Team PDX

So far our Portland team includes Amy Woodward (me!), Brian Ford, Gerlando Piro and James Rucker. We’re also looking forward to Konstantin Haase and Koichi Sasada joining us for the summer. Konstantin is visiting us as an intern from Berlin, Germany. As a student, he is already an accomplished Rubyist and will be speaking this year at RubyConf. Koichi Sasada will be visiting us from Japan while on sabbatical. You may also recognize him as the author of the virtual machine used in Ruby 1.9.

We’re looking to hire a few more devs, so if you’re interested in joining the team, let us know. As always, we love people who are as crazy about open source as we are.

###OSCON and Cascadia Ruby Conf

Speaking of open source, this week we have a crew in attendance at some community events in the Pacific Northwest. First, we’re in Portland at OSCON July 25-29, then we’ll head to Seattle for Cascadia Ruby Conf July 29-30.

If you’re at OSCON make sure to check out Wes Beary’s fog talk and Charles Nutter’s JVM bytecode presentation. You can also find Brian Ford who can tell you anything you want to know about Rubinius and the first ever #rbxday taking place August 5.

If you’ll also be in Portland or Seattle, let us know. We’d love to meet up for a beer or two! Get in touch with us via Twitter.

At OSCON: Wes Beary (@geemus) Brian Ford (@brixen) Charles Nutter (@headius) Ines Sombra (@randommood) Amy Woodward (@amywoodward)

At Cascadia Ruby Conf: Shane Becker (@veganstraightedge) Randall Thomas (@daksis)

###Onward to Portland

We’re excited to continue to contribute to the vibrant open source community in new ways through our presence in Portland. And personally, I’m also looking forward to sampling all the local coffee, microbrews, and food carts Portland has to offer!

To learn more about openings at Engine Yard, check out our jobs page and apply. As always, next time you’re in Portland or San Francisco, let us know. We’d love to see you.

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