Engine Yard is a Platform-as-a-service solution for your mission critical apps


Have an app that you need working no matter what? Engine Yard gives you the peace of mind with 99.99% uptime and a support team you'll be singing praises of for years to come. Our support staff is the reason why many of our customers deploy their mission-critical applications on our platform. With Engine Yard’s premium support you get 24/7 coverage no matter where you are. We are a true extension of your team for full stack support, from code rescue to infrastructure.

In addition, our world class support team provides AWS custom component support and management, infrastructure security scans and defensive consultations, annual health checks, custom runbook, custom end point monitoring and scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

Unlike Heroku you can always count on our support team to be on top of issues and keep your deployment up to date. Paying for Engine Yard support costs a lot less than hiring system admin and Dev Ops specialists and we’re available around the clock to support your business.



Engine Yard is so much more than just a platform

Engine Yard has over 10 years of experience delivering true 24x7 enterprise-grade Ruby DevOps.

We offer:


  • 20 Years Expertise of DBA Support
  • Performance Testing
  • Automation
  • Real AWS Hardware at 50% Lower Price
  • Custom Chef
  • 24/7 Proactive Support 
  • Deployment Assistance
  • Ruby Stack Optimization
  • Health Check
  • Load Testing
  • Autoscaling
  • Disaster Recovery

You don't get all that with Heroku.