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Expanding the Ruby-on-Rails Happiness Bubble

Faster Onboarding, Coding, Deployment and Runtime.

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Like Ruby and Rails, Engine Yard puts developers at the center of everything. We are introducing two new capabilities to further empower developers to increase their feature velocity. Spend more time in your Ruby Happiness Bubble and less time managing environments or writing DevOps scripts.

Click to Code
Click to Code

Engine Yard developers can use DevSpaces, a new hosted, virtual developer environment. With just one click from your GitHub repository, access a clean development environment preconfigured for your project. Start coding in seconds in an environment that mirrors your production environment. Be productive right away and get rid of the “works-on-my-machine” issue. Subscribe for updates to be notified as soon as this capability is available.

Click to Deploy
Click to Deploy

We leveraged our 10 years of Ruby-on-Rails hosting experience to bring you Engine Yard Kontainers, a platform tailored for your Rails applications. Simply run a git-push command to deploy your apps to a fully-managed, scalable environment running in the AWS region of your choice. You get a private, dedicated cluster for your apps. More cost effective than other private cluster platforms, you no longer have to waste time writing DevOps scripts. Instead, focus on what matters most, your application.

Expanding the Ruby-on-Rails Happiness Bubble
Faster runtime

And we mean fast. Engine Yard is heavily investing in making sure your apps run on ARM and Graviton with no effort on your part, resulting in a 40% price/performance boost. Additionally, each of your container types can independently scale in a matter of milliseconds to handle those bursts of traffic with ease.

Faster onboarding

DevSpaces includes embedded access to CodeTours and AppMaps so users can navigate their code via beautiful, automatically generated tours, dependency maps, and execution traces, all from directly inside their IDE. Each AppMap provides an interactive guide to features within a code base by showing how different pieces of complex applications fit together. Onboard new team members faster or help others regain familiarity with code that’s changed. Preview critical changes before you commit and resolve bugs faster and more confidently.

Embedded monitoring, alarming, and observability

Use the integrated Prometheus monitoring capability and Grafana dashboards to easily observe your applications and adapt to operational changes and events. See all of your application logs in a single place using ELK capabilities (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

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You'll get a 200 hour trial with access to your own free private cluster and a $100 usage credit (details here).

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