Don’t do it the hard way

You already have enough demands on your time and resources making your next release better than the last.
Let us worry about the rest.

Your job is to keep your team and your applications moving forward, and that’s a lot of responsibility. Setting up and managing your own production environment eats up an enormous amount of time and resources. Do you want to be responsible for all routine administrative tasks to keep your environment working? Do you want to be the first responder when there’s a failure in the middle of the night? Why not accomplish everything you need to do with less effort and at lower cost?

The Engine Yard platform is reliable and secure for worry-free deployment, fast scaling, and proactive monitoring for apps of all shapes and sizes. We give you visibility and control over your app’s environment on a flexible platform that can meet your evolving needs, all at a lower cost than carrying the responsibility yourself. Our expert support team is on the job around the clock, working to make your job easier.

Stacks and Capabilities

Our PaaS is based on open source technologies and ideologies.

It automates the deployment, configuration, and management of applications. See how our product capabilities and our PHP, Ruby and Node.js stacks help you sleep uninterrupted at night.

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Our support is relentless.

From the moment you set up a free trial, you can chat with a deployment engineer for free and with a paid account, you have access to our support experts. They are hands-on, personable and like a virtual extension of your team.

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PaaS vs DIY

Don’t just do it yourself because you can; do it yourself only if you have to.

Instead of building and maintaining your own production-ready cluster, let our experts quickly and easily help you optimize, deploy, configure, manage and monitor your app. You get to decide what’s right for your customers.

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There are no sign up or minimum usage fees on our platform.

You only pay for the resources you actually use. You can choose from varying server sizes that best meet the needs of your application.

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DevOps love Engine Yard

“Engine Yard service is amazing. The support team has deep knowledge of how to scale high-growth applications, and they’re always available. Whenever you need help, it’s not just one person that comes in—it’s the whole team. This kind of support is unique and has made us a very loyal customer.” Eric Peng, CEO, PlayMesh
"We chose Engine Yard because they are experts, have the ability to scale up quickly, and provide excellent customer support. Engine Yard is an integral part of our mobile marketing operation. We experience large spikes in traffic, up to 300%, on weekends and holidays when people are doing more shopping. We’ve had no downtime and I have 100% confidence that the systems we’ve built and deployed at Engine Yard are being monitored and well taken care of. This peace of mind lets me focus on running my business.” Matt Greer, CEO, Armadealo

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