What is Node.js?

Getting to Know Node

Node.js is a server-side framework for JavaScript that has experienced explosive growth over the last couple of years. When it first started gaining momentum in the developer community, it was hailed as “the new Rails,” and after surpassing Rails on GitHub as the most-starred repository, some even referred to it as “the new PHP.” Comparisons aside, while there isn’t just one right language or framework for building apps, Node.js certainly is a suitable framework for building a particular kind of app; Node.js is the go-to development framework for making event-driven, low-latency, concurrent apps.

Yet despite its popularity, Node.js is still in its infancy. What is the future for Node.js? Check out the infographic below for an introduction to Node.js, including notable use cases and predictions about where it’s headed. And for more information about Node.js hosting on the Engine Yard Platform as a Service, sign up for our free Node.js webcast.