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Automated cloud deployment of high performance Magento applications. Deploy and grow your ecommerce site without worrying about servers or IT architecture.

Designed, Deployed, and Supported for Performance

Engine Yard, the proven cloud orchestration platform, has broken through the barriers that kept Magento applications tied to bare metal servers. We built this service with our extensive experience hosting and supporting hard core PHP applications in the cloud. We know what it takes. Reliable infrastructure, proven technology configured by professionals, and support that works like your very own DevOps team.

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Support is about uptime

Customer Support

Customer support is about two things: specialized, expert input and fast trouble response. This is your company’s lifeblood. We are ready to help.

Engine Yard has been around for a while, providing Platform as a Service (PaaS) for PHP, Ruby, and Node.js. We know how to support high performance, high demand applications.

With every application unique and every second a business opportunity, we have devised our support plans around uptime. As such, we make sure you talk with someone who can immediately make a difference when you need it.

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No matter how good our support is, we believe in constant improvement. Our customer satisfaction rate is dynamically updated in real-time based on surveys conducted after completion of each support ticket. All feedback from customers is valuable--send us an email to tell us how we could do better and we’ll do it.

We don’t waste your time with lower-tier support staff that can’t help you. Our support team is made up entirely of engineers with real-world experience and constantly evolving expertise in database and system administration, programming, scripting, development, deployment and scaling. They’re also actively involved in the development of our custom Chef recipes, Linux packages and maintenance, security scanning of our infrastructure, and ongoing QA.

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