Cloud Capabilities. Solid Tech.

Move your Magento applications from bare metal and colocation solutions.
Built on AWS by people who know how to support PHP applications, Magento on Engine Yard is ready now and for the future of Magento.

Magento, Ready for Service

Real clustering for
Load balancing, Failover, Multi-availability Zones (AZ) coverage, Growth

Thoroughbred configuration
in a couple of clicks

Expert, battle tested allies
who know are ready to help

Battle Tested

This is battle-ready architecture. With load balancing, caching, and all layers tuned for Magento, your application is ready for traffic.

  • PHP 5.4 for Magento
  • PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) for a scalable performance boost
  • Nginx web server: fast, lightweight and reliable
  • Redis for shared session storage
  • HAProxy for load balancing

All expertly set up and ready to run. Bring on the customers.

Love Your App, Not Your Servers

Best Practice Instance Replication and File Storage Plus Sticky Sessions

Your app has a name, it is your focus. It is what you make, what you want to grow. Your application is what matters to your and to your customers. You don’t need to love your servers, too.

In Engine Yard’s architecture, a server instance can be deleted and replaced if it experiences a hiccup.

With intelligent file storage and sticky sessions, users are moved seamlessly to another instance and keep shopping. Maintain uptime without troubleshooting servers crippled by mystery ailments.

Scale to Traffic Needs

Ecommerce traffic is flood and drought. Traffic rises and falls with seasons, events, and even time of day. Engine Yard’s user interface allows you to expand and contract resources as needed. Add RAM and processor power or spin up new servers when demand is at your door. When traffic wanes, reduce service and save a little money. Instead of always paying for your maximum needs, pay for peaks only when you have peaks.

Deploy From Git, Stage With Ease

Viva virtualization. Creating (and then deleting when you no longer need it) a staging, testing, or development environment is a snap. Deploy with confidence knowing you have tested new code properly. Go ahead and innovate in a development environment. Start them up in minutes and don’t pay for them when they are not in use.

With our direct GitHub connection, you can roll out versions and patches in one step.

Testing, Staging, and Deployment. Best Practices at Hand

Do the right thing, deploy with certainty, and don’t pay through the nose for the privilege.

It used to be that best practices for testing and deployment got prohibitively spendy. We all have been tempted to make do with a cheaper, less than ideal testing or staging environment. No more.

With the cost structure of cloud services and Engine Yard blueprints, you can set up testing and staging environments just in time. Side by side and totally independent. And, when you are not using them, you don’t need to pay for them.

Fast and getting faster

The Engine Yard staff built their Magento service from years of experience running PHP and high demand ecommerce applications. We know that performance is what matters. We are always looking for opportunities to get quicker, more reliable, smarter.

Working with industry-leading Magento experts and partnering with digital agencies who regularly deploy big time Magento applications.

The results go into defining our blueprint architectures. We also share our results with the community to help the continued movement of Magento to the cloud.

PCI For Any Size

Built on the PCI Level 1 Compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS), your ecommerce application is built on infrastructure that meets the payment card industry’s tightest standards. Your infrastructure is certified, even if your site is processing millions of transactions a year.