Jeff Morgan on LeanDog, TDD and Agile Development

20 May 2013

Elaine Greenberg interviews Jeff \"Cheezy\" Morgan about his role as an Agile coach, his numerous gems and his testing philosophy.

  • 0:12 All about Jeff Morgan
  • 3:00 What Agile means to Cheezy
  • 6:00 Getting into testing
  • 8:30 Testing gems
  • 15:00 Working with Engineers and QA
  • 24:00 Speaker strategies

About Jeff Twitter: http://twitter.com/chzy Github: https://github.com/cheezy Website: http://www.cheezyworld.com/

Links PageObject: https://github.com/cheezy/page-object FigNewton: https://github.com/cheezy/fignewton Cucumber: http://cukes.info/ Cucumber & Cheese: https://leanpub.com/cucumberand_cheese