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Managed PostgreSQL
Database Hosting

We’ve got you covered with database upgrades, migrations, conversions and around the clock monitoring and alerting

Database setup that’s easy and scalable

At Engine Yard we focus on providing you with the best postgreSQL database hosting that saves you from the worry of managing your database. Our engineers support your team with in-depth knowledge of AWS RDS and EC2 Technologies. We ensure Proactive Database Monitoring and Alerting with 24x7x365 Coverage. We carry out all database management activities in addition to Performance Tuning and Query Analysis as well as being available to provide you with General Database Support and Troubleshooting.

PostgreSQL with Engine Yard Cloud is quick and easy

Step 1
Create a new application with a new environment or add an environment to an existing application. Check that the Database Stack is set to PostgreSQL. You add the pg gem to your Gemfile for Rails 3 (or via the Dashboard for Rails 2)

Step 2
Deploy the application.

Easy Setup
Setting up your DB with Engine Yard is quick and easy. Once setup, our team manages your database and provides you with around the clock support and coverage.
We keep your data secure through SSL encryption to ensure the utmost security.
24x7 Support
Our support engineers are located throughout the world to ensure constant coverage. Our team handles all of your DB upgrades, conversions, monitoring and alerting so you don’t have to. Click here to learn more about our Database Support.
Why Customers Love Us

Why Customers Love Us

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