Q. How do I find out about new and upcoming news/product releases from Engine Yard?
All news and press releases can be found at: Subscribe to the release notes for product updates: For more information and updates about engineyard follow us on Twitter @engineyard, sign up for the Engine Yard Newsletter (, or check out our blog (

Q. What types of apps and use cases run on Engine Yard?
There are many different types of applications running on Engine Yard. This includes web 2.0, mobile, campaigns and promotions, ecommerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. For more information, please read through the Engine Yard Product Datasheet: /images/docs/Engine_Yard_Cloud-DS.pdf

Q. What typical use cases run on Engine Yard?
Engine Yard is tailored to fit the needs of its many customers, from small web 2.0 startups looking to start the life of their product to large enterprise customers launching large scale applications. Companies like Badgeville, a leader in gamification, use Engine Yard to save on operations costs. Bleacher Report, an open source sports network, runs on Engine Yard to make sure they have constant uptime. Bleacher Report looks to Engine Yard to handle their operations, so they can focus on building the sports community around them. They rely on Engine Yard’s deep expertise to keep them up and running and respond when problems arise. For more information, check out our company overview: /images/docs/company-overview.pdf

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Q. What do I get with the Engine Yard trial account?
The trial account is a great way to get a handle on what Engine Yard can do for you. It will give you the feel of how our platform automation works and how easy it is to run your application on Engine Yard. The Engine Yard trial comes with one medium compute instance for upto 500 hours free of charge to use how you wish.

Q. What are the primary limitations between a trial account and full account?
The full account comes with different instance sizes, the ability to boot an instance in different AWS regions and Add Ons. When you upgrade from a trial account to a full account you may also be eligible to try our Early Access features and every Engine Yard account comes with Standard Support so you can file a ticket and get support when you need it. Our PANDA team is available to help you get started and answer any questions you have. You can always reach out to us on Live Chat or by creating a support ticket.

Q. Why do I have less than 500 hours in my trial account all of a sudden?
The 500 hours given to all trial accounts are distributed across all the instances you use. So, if you are using 3 instances, your 500 hours will be automatically distributed so you will have 166 hours on each of your instances. You only use hours when an instance is running. So if you remove an instance you will see your hours recalculate to a larger amount.

Q. Why can I only select the east region when configuring my environment?
Trial users may only deploy to the east region. When you upgrade your account, you may select a region that is closer to your customers which can shorten response times. For more information visit: and

Q. What happens to all my trial data once I upgrade my account?
When you upgrade from a trial account to you will need to input a credit card associated with the account for billing purposes. Once this is done you will arrive back at the interface of your account. If you had instances running on your account they will continue to run and all your data will still be intact. Upgrading your account only unlocks the full features of an Engine Yard account such as differing service regions and access to our third party Add Ons. If you had stopped your instances from running prior to upgrading your account all your data will be stored in a snapshot. Once you’ve upgraded you will be able to boot up your instance from a snapshot and all your application and data will be available once the instance is back online. For more information on upgrading your trial account visit:

Q. What happens to my trial data when my trial ends and I have not upgraded my account?
If your trial ends and you haven’t upgraded to a full account yet, Engine Yard will hold your application and data for 90 calendar days from the date your trial ended. You may convert the expired trial account to a full account and reinstate the application and/or data at any time within those 90 days. You may also download your data at any time within the 90 days. After 90 days, unconverted applications and data may be deleted.

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Languages, Application Stack related

Q. What languages does Engine Yard support?
Engine Yard currently supports the following three languages - Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Node.js. - and is always looking to add more languages.

Q. What different size servers does Engine Yard offer?
Engine Yard currently offers 9 different instance sizes. This includes 4 Standard instance sizes, 3 High-memory instance sizes, and 2 High-CPU instance sizes. Specific servers should be selected based on your applications specific needs. For questions regarding which server to choose please Live Chat with one of our Deployment Engineers during your trial period. The Deployment Engineers will be able to guide you through picking the server and number of Instances that will best meet your needs.


  • Small - 32-bit or 64-bit with 1.7 GB RAM, 1 ECU
  • Medium - 32-bit or 64-bit with 3.75 GB RAM, 2 ECU
  • Large - 64-bit with 7.5 GB RAM, 4 ECU
  • Extra Large - 64-bit with 15 GB RAM, 8 ECU


  • Extra Large - 64-bit with 17.1 GB RAM, 6.50 ECU
  • Double Extra Large - 64-bit with 34.2 GB RAM, 13 ECU
  • Quadruple Extra Large - 64-bit with 68.4 GB RAM, 26 ECU


  • Medium - 32-bit or 64-bit with 1.7 GB RAM, 5 ECU
  • Extra Large - 64-bit with 7 GB RAM, 20 ECU

For more details on the different instance sizes please visit:

Q. What is an application server?
An application server runs your application code. The application server is one of the many layers within the application stack which includes the web server (nginx), your application, and your database. Engine Yard supports both Passenger (versions 3 and 4) and Unicorn. The following link gives a great comparison of the functionalities:

Q. What is a load balancer? How do I make sure my environment is properly set up for load balancing?
A load balancer is a networking method that allows the distribution of workloads across multiple servers. At Engine Yard every instance comes with a software load balancer as part of our application stack. These software load balancers will help to evenly distribute web requests in times of high traffic and help to ensure high availability to your web application. For more information about what’s included in our platform architecture please visit:

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Environment setup, scaling, configuration, deployment

Q. How do I add more users to my account?
You can add or remove team members from the account management screen in the product interface. Click on the ‘Account’ link on the top right of the Engine Yard interface, click the ‘Account Settings’ button, and at the bottom of the page you can add members to your account. Type in the email address of the person you want to give access to, then click ‘Add User’. More info:

Q. I currently have one single instance. Why can’t I add more instances to my environment?
With a single instance, your application and database are combined within the same instance. In order to add more instances or to create a cluster, you will need to stop the current instance (via the ‘Stop’ button in the interface). Once the instance has stopped you can use the ‘Boot’ button to restart it. From there you will be able to change your environment setup to one of the other pre-configured options that have dedicated application and database instances and boot that configuration. Moving away from the single instance option will allow you to add more instances in the future once the application and database are separated. You can follow this simple tutorial:

Q. My deployment was successful but when I click the ‘visit’ link there was an error message. What should I do?
If you are in the trial you can always Live Chat with one of our Deployment Engineers from within the interface. The Deployment Engineers can help troubleshoot what went wrong with your deployment. In the interface there is also a location to place a support ticket in the Engine Yard queue. Adding a ticket to our queue will ensure that someone looks at the problem and gets it resolved quickly. To troubleshoot some of your issues it is best to SSH into your environment directly and look at the log files. Here is a great documentation about how to set up your SSH Key and another explaining the log files:

Q. Can we use SVN(Subversion) instead of Git?
Engine Yard currently uses Git to deploy apps. However if you are using SVN, GitHub has resources readily available on how to convert from SVN to Git. For more information please visit:

Q. Do you handle DNS? How do I point Engine Yard to my own domain name?
Engine Yard does not manage DNS. In order to have your application point to a specific domain you will need to set it up with one of many DNS providers. The following link is a tutorial for setting up your domain using DNSimple as an example:

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SSH Access

Q. How do I SSH into my instance?
First you will need to set up your SSH keys locally, on Engine Yard, and within your application environment. You can do this by following the 4 steps outlined here:

After completing the above steps, you have two options for connecting to your instance via SSH. First, you can connect to your instance via your favorite SSH client (terminal (by way of OpenSSH), putty, etc). Or, you can click the SSH link under Application Instances which is on your Engine Yard interface. For a more in-depth tutorial visit:

Q. Why am I not able to SSH into my instance after adding my SSH key?
If you cannot SSH into your instance after you added your SSH key you may still need to apply the SSH key to your environment. By hitting the ‘Apply’ button in your instance it will apply configurations to your environment. One of these configurations will check that an SSH key has been added to your profile and apply it to your environment. For more information on what the ‘Apply’ function does please visit:

If you are still having issues you can always reach out to us on Live Chat or by creating a support ticket

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High Availability

Q. High availability is very important for my application. What sort of precautionary measures does Engine Yard offer to protect my application?
High availability and uptime are always a concern. Engine Yard recommends our customers distribute their application and database replicas across AWS EC2 Availability Zones. When adding new replicas, Engine Yard will automatically distribute them across different availability zones within a given region. However, you always have the ability to control the distribution yourself. For step-by-step guidelines to do this for your own application visit:

Also, if you are interested in redundancy across multiple regions our Professional Services group can help you set that up. Learn more about Professional Services here.

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Security and Compliance

Q. What are Engine Yard’s security policies?
Engine Yard is committed to maintaining a safe and secure platform for our customers, business partners, and the broader community. Engine Yard works with our customers and our IaaS providers to ensure a shared level of responsibility in security. For more information on how Engine Yard ensures application security please visit:

For more information on how Engine Yard can work with you on defining the needed security of your application as it pertains to our environments, you may read our security white papers here:

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Q. What does the Engine Yard Service Level Agreement (SLA) offer?
Engine Yard provides a 99.9% platform level SLA for all Premium support and Managed accounts.

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Professional Services and Support

Q. What Professional Services do you offer?
Engine Yard offers various Professional Services. These services include development services such as creating custom Chef recipes for your application environment to load testing and launch services for your application. If you are worried about redundancy the team can help with custom backup and recovery tools. Engine Yard Professional Services can also help when it comes to cross region high availability to make sure your application is always up and running. For more information visit You can also use the Contact Us form to get more detailed information about how our professional services team can be tailored to your specific needs.

Q. What is the difference between Premium and Standard support?
At Engine Yard, support is always our first priority. So when something happens whether you have Premium or Standard support there will always be someone there to help out. Premium support includes everything in Standard support plus 24x7 support for critical outages, proactive response to alerts, and the Engine Yard support team are able to carry out administrative tasks on your behalf. For more information on our Support Plans visit:

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Q. How am I charged for my usage? Hourly, by VM size, monthly?
There is no flat monthly charge to use Engine Yard. You are charged hourly for any active instances only. The price per hour per instance scales depending on the specifications of the instance. For more information on our pricing see:

Q. What is your entry level price?
The lowest cost instance on Engine Yard is our small instance which is $0.05 per hour. The smallest set up we recommend for production applications is two medium application instances and one medium database instance which is $0.66 per hour ($0.22 per hour per instance; $0.22 x 3 = $0.66).

Q. Where can I learn more about your pricing?

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Q. How do I contact billing?
Phone: (866) 518-9273 x3
Fax: (866) 877-4202

Q. How do I cancel my account?

Q. How do I see month to date usage on my account? (Admins only)
Once you login to your account, go to Account ---> Account Settings ---->Current Monthly Usage

Q. How can I update my credit card? (Admins only)
To update your information, please login into your account and select:

Account ---> Account Settings ---->Payment Information

If you're still having trouble, please try these troubleshooting tips:

Be sure that you are not entering your credit card's "valid from" date in the expiration date field by mistake.

If you are updating your credit card info with a new card's information, please be sure that you have already activated that new card by calling your credit card company before you add the information.

If your billing information is accurate, there may be some other issue causing the transaction to be declined. In such cases, we recommend that you inquire directly with your bank or credit card provider. They will be able to determine the exact cause of the failure by reviewing the transaction history associated with your card. Once you have established the cause of the problem, update the specific information on your account page.

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Q. What’s the difference between your Managed and Cloud offering?
Our excellent Engine Yard Support is available to both Engine Yard Managed and Cloud services. However, when you have a Managed account you are given the white glove experience from our incredible DevOps team. With Engine Yard Cloud you are in control of your environments and can access all of those controls through your dashboard. On the other hand, Engine Yard Managed does not have a dashboard, Engine Yard Managed utilizes our ticketing system to communicate with our Support Engineers and they would make any and all changes for you. You’ll be able to worry less about flexibility as Engine Yard Managed is our most configurable option for supporting substantial customizations across the stack and infrastructure. Basically with Engine Yard Managed we got you covered. You can check out more information at and contact us to get more information.

Q. There are lots of companies doing what Engine Yard does, what makes Engine Yard so special?
Engine Yard is using the same cloud based technologies that you rely on to run your application everyday. Engine Yard’s dedicated support teams will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you sign up with a trial account on Engine Yard you can reach out to one of our PANDAs via Live Chat or by creating a Support Ticket. As your business starts to grow our hands on support teams will be there to help you with any need you might encounter. Every Engine Yard account comes with our unlimited Standard Support. As a developer you can enjoy the flexibility and ease of use to get your application up and running and leave the support to us. From development, to launch, to scaling Engine Yard has got you covered. For more information about engine yard support visit: