We’ve been the leading PaaS for Ruby developers since we started, evolving from a Ruby on Rails development house to a Ruby on Rails deployment specialist and again to the polyglot and flexible platform we are today.

We have a long history of involvement in the Ruby community, including work on OSS projects like Bundler, RVM, Rubinius, JRuby, Travis CI, fog, Ruby on Rails, and even Ruby itself.

With the Engine Yard Ruby stack for Ruby on Rails, you can choose between Unicorn, Passenger, and Puma to select the best application server type for your app. Deploy your code from a git repository and customize as much or as little as you want, using the engineyard gem, custom Chef, and managing configuration variables using ey_config.

You can choose the size and location of the virtual machines (VMs) you want to use – we support data centers worldwide on our IaaS providers.

You’ll also have full access to the VMs that you provision on Engine Yard; they are dedicated to your use alone. SSH into your server VMs to manage, track, and configure at will. Select between various data stores to find the best data solution for your use case.

The Engine Yard Ruby Stack

Load Balancer - HAPROXY

Language - Ruby

Frameworks - Rails, Sinatra, Grape

Web Server - Nginx, Rack

App Server - Unicorn, Passenger, Puma

Database - Postgresql, Mysql, Riak

Caches - Redis, Memcached

Utilities - Resque, Delayed Job