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With over 1 Billion AWS hours we've seen it all. We’ve earned the trust of founders with just a vision to organizations serving hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, working as a true extension of their team. With Engine Yard, you can do what you do best—developing Ruby on Rails, Node.js, or PHP apps—while we do what we do best—ensuring your environment runs smoothly.

Unsure Which Plan is Right For You?

Starting at $25/month

Just starting out? Need to host your MVP or proof of concept for demos?

Don't let DevOps decisions split your attention or hold you back. Focus on your app knowing we have the rest covered.

Starting at $150/month

Need to get your app to market fast?

We help you make choices today that won't limit your ability to grow your business tomorrow. No one wants hosting decisions to stall momentum as your app takes off. We make sure that doesn't happen.

Starting at $300/month

Have a 24/7 mission-critical enterprise app that you can’t run the risk of having offline?

You develop and we handle the deployment. Behind the scenes we’re managing security patches, updates to your platform, and more so that you don’t have to.

Support Services
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Ready for an internal DevOps team to manage AWS but want your team to have support?

Whether it’s application and database support or launch and load performance testing for your deployment architecture or ongoing support with ticketing and IRC, we’re here.

Summary of Support Plans

Description Solo Standard Premium
Number of servers 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Available server sizes t2.micro up to m4.xlarge All All
Support availability 12x5 12x5 24/7
Developer Center (documentation and forums) access
Platform support requests
App and DB support requests
Live support via phone
Assistance with deployment, upgrades, app, and system configuration
Proactive application monitoring (Virtual Network Operations Center - VNOC)
99.9% platform SLA
Onboarding services
Advanced database support
Hands-on DBA help with Major database upgrades
Custom crisis communication plan
Maintenance and upgrades Self Service Self Service Reactive
Supported infrastructures AWS AWS AWS
Supported languages Official Stack Official Stack Official Stack
Supported data stores Official Stack Official Stack Official Stack
Pricing Included with Platform Included with Platform and Standard Support price Included with Platform with Premium Support price

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Real‐Time Customer Satisfaction

Every day is an opportunity to delight our customers.

We see every day as an opportunity to delight you. After each support ticket, we conduct a survey and publish how we’re doing—here in real‐time. Each happy panda is another satisfied customer.

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Awesome support. Clear, helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks again. StudioForty8
You guys went the extra-mile and contacted me back when the problem was solved even though it was not caused by Engine Yard in the first place! Skillable
Awesome! Thanks team Webvanta
Very precious help as usual! Thanks You Don’t Need A CRM
Great. Thanks guys. Greenhouse
Support provided was very good Context Travel

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International: +1-415-624-8380

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