managed support

Our Managed plan is our highest support tier, providing strategy, planning and managed services for all of your growth and scaling needs.

Advanced planning and analysis

Years of experience and expertise enable us to provide top notch support in the areas of:

  • Design and architecture
  • Staging and implementation
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Discounted professional services:
    • Database analysis
    • Architecture analysis
    • Application load testing
    • High availability and disaster recovery planning

24/7 predictive support

Our team consistently optimizes your investment by anticipating your growth and scaling needs:

  • Planning for market driven events and overall growth strategy
  • Customized crisis plan to clarify:
    • Notifications to your team through PagerDuty
    • Actions to be taken
    • Spike-scaling preference

Customization and optimization

You can rely not only on familiar existing technologies but also on custom deployment solutions we offer for:

Uninterrupted sleep
  • Infrastructure:
    • Public cloud
    • Virtual private cloud
    • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Language and frameworks based on your choices and industry best-practices
  • Datastore choices, with a preference for open source solutions
  • Dedicated, always-available Success Manager and Project Manager


Managed support is available for a rate of $1,000 per month plus 30% of your monthly usage of the Engine Yard platform. Note that Managed Support is billed in full calendar month increments and is not prorated for partial month service.

For volume discounts, please contact