premium plan

Premium support means that our support experts are ready around the clock to respond to issues affecting your application, if they arise.

Premium support includes all the benefits of Standard support plus those listed below:

Uninterrupted sleep

While on-boarding with one of our Customer Success Managers, we ensure:

  • Monitoring and alerting of your production applications on our Virtual Network Operations Center (VNOC)
  • Custom crisis communication plan to fit your personnel and schedules
  • Continuous updates on issues through PagerDuty


Uninterrupted sleep

Priority Access

Uninterrupted sleep

Premium tier members get priority access and consideration for:

  • Early access feature requests for feedback
  • Prioritized ticket and issue response

Regular health checks

Your Customer Success Manager will regularly check in to ensure:

  • Your cloud infrastructure status, including resource usage and availability
  • Your application and deployment infrastructure status
  • That your support experience continues to exceed expectations
  • Successful execution of high traffic and critical events
  • Timely management of your scaling infrastructure needs and costs
Uninterrupted sleep