As soon as you create an account with Engine Yard you’ll have access to a team of dedicated support engineers ready to assist with deployments, migrations, upgrades and ongoing management of your production environments.

Our team is yours

We know that the definition of ‘support’ varies widely from service provider to service provider and we’ve been burned just like you in useless interactions.

When you work with us, you’ll not only always communicate directly with real human beings, they’ll be human beings with real expertise that are ready to work directly with you as an extension of your own team.

Our direct, personal, and informed support is what differentiates us from the competition and gives you a significant advantage. We work to support and empower you, from planning and deploying to scaling and managing your app. We’re truly part of your team. Put us to work.

Our team is yours
Our team is yours

We’re always watching and we’ve got you covered around the clock.

Through our Virtual Network Operations Center (VNOC), we monitor your apps and environments for early warning signs of emerging issues. Whether you’re migrating databases, deploying new production code, or expecting a traffic spike, we keep an eye on early warning platform alerts, network throughput, incoming support tickets, and other key metrics.

With 24/7 global coverage in overlapping 12-hour blocks across three operating zones—the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA—we’re always available. Regardless of where you or where your app resides, we respond to your production downtime issues quickly, targeting response time to within 30 minutes.

We want to beat your expectations.

No matter how good our support is, we believe in constant improvement. Our customer satisfaction rate is dynamically updated in real-time based on surveys conducted after completion of each support ticket. All feedback from customers is valuable--send us an email to tell us how we could do better and we’ll do it.

We don’t waste your time with lower-tier support staff that can’t help you. Our support team is made up entirely of engineers with real-world experience and constantly evolving expertise in database and system administration, programming, scripting, development, deployment and scaling. They’re also actively involved in the development of our custom Chef recipes, Linux packages and maintenance, security scanning of our infrastructure, and ongoing QA.

Our team is yours

Our Plans

Engine Yard offers three support plans to meet your needs:

The Basic plan is for 3 or less servers, we are available during business hours to assist planning, deploying and managing your running apps.

With the Standard support plan is for 3 or more servers, we are available during business hours to assist planning, deploying and managing your running apps.

The Premium support plan extends support around the clock and includes additional proactive services including customized alerting and communications plans setup.