As you develop and deploy Node.js applications for the mobile and real-time web, our support engineers understand the issues you may be encountering.

Engine Yard’s engineering and community team members include leading open source contributors, expert cluster engineers, and seasoned DBAs to provide the web server performance, database efficiency, and long-term scalability you need. With roots in the Node.js community, we sponsor Node.js community conferences and meetups at our offices in the US and Europe and use Node.js in engineering our own products.

Running Node.js on our platform gives you simplicity, transparency and performance. Deploy from a git repository and manage configuration variables using the ey_config npm module. You can choose the size and location of virtual machines (VMs) entirely dedicated to run your Node server processes. You can even SSH into your Node server VMs. Use nginx as a front-end proxy or as reverse TCP proxy that routes WebSocket requests directly to your Node.js application.

The Engine Yard Node.js Stack

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Our customers love Engine Yard

“With support for additional frameworks like Node.js on Engine Yard, our engineering team has increased flexibility and choice. We can deliver innovative high performance apps that scale seamlessly across desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile.” Patrick Ezell, Principal, COPIOUS

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