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Get a private dedicated highly secure cluster for your app. Scale automatically to control costs and deliver high performance. No noisy neighbours.


As an introductory offer for new users of the Engine Yard Kontainers platform we are offering a 14 day trial of a private Cluster with zero Platform Fee, plus a $100 credit towards any OCU*, traffic, storage, or other charges. This offer includes:

  • Your own private dedicated fully provisioned Engine Yard cluster for 14 days.
  • Your own dedicated AWS account and VPCs.
  • Tools to deploy, run, and scale apps.
  • Monitoring, alerting and log aggregation.
  • Autoscaling based on any metric you choose.
  • Support free of charge to get your apps deployed.

For more details on the offer please see this article.

You've got the apps. We've got the ops.

“I’m so grateful we had Engine Yard Kontainers during those peak demand times,” says Craig Bennett, CTO. “It was the first major multi-retailer sale event where we’ve had no worries about running at sufficient scale. There was no backlog of processing and all orders were processed promptly. We got a lot of really nice comments from customers on how fast the platform was. It was extraordinary for us — brilliant.”

Comestri Engine Yard Client

Craig Bennett,
CTO, Comestri

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