Engine Yard Cloud: Pricing Update


We are proud to be working with our customers while they continue to enjoy our Engine Yard products. Here are some changes we are making to Engine Yard Cloud pricing, as well as some opportunities for you to reduce your bill.

Starting April 1st 2023 our prices will be changing. These changes enable us to reinvest back into the Engine Yard product ensuring that we provide our customers with best-in-class PaaS. It also takes into consideration inflation.

Support Pricing

These changes will be reflected in your invoice based on the date above, on the following billing cycle.

FlexNew Price Per Instance / Month*

TVP (m5.large example)New Price Per Instance/Hour*

*Applies to Engine Yard Cloud base pricing. Additional charges for support on older stack versions remain.

Platinum pricing will not change in either offerings.

Account Charges

Engine Yard provides instances which require maintenance and monitoring irrespective of the level of resources customers use. In order to support this maintenance, we will need to add an Account Maintenance Fee that, up until now we have never charged.

Engine Yard Account Maintenance Fee$99.00

**Applies to Engine Yard Cloud accounts.

Again, this will allow us to execute on our deliverables to our clients, both from a platform and support standpoint.

Cost Savings on Annual Term

Engine Yard is happy to announce a new agreement with AWS which is based on us working with them on an annual basis. As a thank you for being an Engine Yard customer, we would like to directly pass these savings on to you.

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Therefore, we are offering the below discount on AWS IaaS instances moving forward:

TermDiscount (AWS IaaS instances)

In order to benefit from this discount please reach out to customersuccess@engineyard.com and they will be able to advise and update your invoice accordingly.

For any further information please reach out to customersuccess@engineyard.com.

We thank you for being a valued Engine Yard customer. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to help you be successful.

The Engine Yard Team

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