Engine Yard Is The NoOps OpenShift Alternative

The Best OpenShift Alternative

Engine Yard is a NoOps Platform-as-a-Service solution that allows you to easily deploy and manage applications with no DevOps support. Our solution is designed for application development professionals who want to focus on building applications and leave the rest to their PaaS provider. That’s why the Engine Yard platform is designed for NoOps simplicity and a friction free deployment experience requiring no DevOps support.

You want a NoOps PaaS solution with minimal operational overhead.
Engine Yard reduces the time it takes to deploy an application from days to minutes. You don't have to configure the environment or setup deploy hooks, it's all done behind the scenes automatically. Deploying your application on Engine Yard requires no specialized infrastructure expertise. Just give us the link to your GIT repository and we will take care of the rest. It's that simple.
You want round the clock monitoring and reporting on application performance.
Engine Yard intelligently monitors application performance providing robust insights into how the application runs and behaves in production to optimize the operations of the application (such as autoscaling). You also get automated alerts in case of application failure, abnormal resource usage etc. Customers can even add their own alerts.
You want 24x7 high quality support with access to expert resources.
At Engine Yard we take great pride in our support offering which is universally acknowledged to be one of the best in business. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and our support team has a consistent 98% satisfaction rating. Our DBAs and System Admins are domain experts with over 20 years of experience. We also provide you with access to a seasoned DevOps team. All these resources are included in our support plans and do not require any additional investment.
You want a highly optimized infrastructure stack that scales automatically
The Engine Yard infrastructure stack has been highly optimized, tried and tested and has been developed over 10 years of full stack Ruby on Rails experience. Your application will run up to 50% faster with our infrastructure stack. Our autoscaling capabilities ensure that there is no performance degradation when unplanned traffic hits and require no manual setup or intervention. What's more, our platform uses monitoring data to continuously optimize your application’s performance.
You want one solution for all your needs with no need for add ons.
Our philosophy is to provide you with all the tools and support you need in one fully managed solution. You don't have to purchase any add ons if you want monitoring or SysAdmin or DevOps support. You have the freedom to deploy to any AWS zone without paying a premium. And of course, we are available 24x7 to address all your support needs.

Compare Engine Yard

The table below compares some of the features, functionality and support you
get with OpenShift to what Engine Yard brings to the table.

Autoscaling Yes but requires some configuration
Automated backups Yes but requires some configuration
Enterprise grade DevOps Team
Sysadmin & DBA support
Monitors your app for you
Deploys your code for you
24×7 support
Deploy to any AWS zone

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