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Why Choose Engine Yard?

What Do Customers Say about Engine Yard?

Troy Norton
CEO, CareerFitter
“Engine Yard’s customer service is excellent in their response to my needs. I have also used their professional team to fix some code and their knowledge and work was perfect. I like using them because I have the option to use them for more services to fix and monitor my site.”
Craig Bennett
CTO, Comestri
“Using Engine Yard has enabled the CommerceConnect team to focus on maximum velocity for dev, while relying on a technology partner who can help us with great infrastructure and expert support even for our custom requirements.”
CJ Johnson
Chief Technical Officer Co-Founder, 3Play Media

“We rely on Engine Yard to deliver a flexible, reliable platform with a rock-solid stack, so we don’t have to invest in building internal resources and hiring an ops team. Even with our customized configurations, Engine Yard makes it easy to deploy – we just click a button. We go from development to staging to production with all of our focus on building a great product.”

Sankara Rameswaran
Technical Architect, Weddington Way
“EngineYard is a great partner for running our infrastructure. We are a really small team of engineers, yet we have the same kind of infrastructure as a company with excellent resources. With Engine Yard, we get deployment, monitoring, recovery, and scaling. Essentially, they are our extended DevOps team.”
Phil Jeffs
Creative Director, Area 17
“We rely on Engine Yard to give us the high scalability, fast deployments, and deep expertise we need for our clients, including Facebook. With each monthly edition of Facebook Stories, we can handle huge traffic bursts of 10s of millions of pageviews daily – and to get more resources, we just click a button. Engine Yard Cloud is very simple to set up, so we can deploy our apps quickly. With the freedom to customize our environment, our clients’ apps run faster and deliver the best performance.”
Wedge Martin
CTO, Badgeville
“Our engineering team has many years of experience with running apps in datacenters, but we chose Engine Yard because it gives us the scalability and reliability we need without investing scarce technical resources in building infrastructure. We save at least 40% on ops costs, and instead of hiring 3-5 sys admins to build, monitor, and manage internal systems, we can dedicate our engineering team to developing key functionality for our products.”

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