An easy-to-use software project management tool designed with an agile-first mindset.

        • DEVSPACES

          DevSpaces is a cloud-based, dockerized development environment that you can get up and running in minutes.

        • CLOUDFIX

          A cloud cost optimization service that automatically scans your AWS account to identify cost savings opportunities and implements user-approved fixes.

        • ENGINE YARD

          A NoOps PaaS for deploying and managing applications on AWS backed with a world-class support offering.

        • SCALEARC

          A SQL load balancer that enables you to dramatically scale and improve database performance without any code changes to your application or database.

        • CODEFIX

          A highly scalable, automated code cleanup service that finds and fixes issues automatically so that you can focus on developing new features.

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AWS deployment for technical founders

Build your big idea without worrying about infrastructure

Are you going down the rabbit hole of setting up the right deployment architecture and seeing no end in sight? AWS is constantly changing and you end up spending your precious time on operations, rather than growth.

Engine Yard helps you bring your idea to life by managing your entire deployment process for you.

Get your Ruby on Rails app to market faster and ready to scale

Fully-managed deployment

Engine Yard takes care of all your infrastructure configuration and maintenance tasks. It automatically analyzes your code, creates containers, and runs them on Kubernetes clusters. You just write the code, commit it and push it.

Scale automatically based on demand

Not taking advantage of your infrastrtucture and overpaying for cloud resources? Engine Yard automatically scales up or down based on demand. Deliver a great user experience and reduce AWS costs.

Kubernetes simplified for you

Is the complexity of containerization technologies one of the obstacles for your move to the cloud? Engine Yard configures and manages your Kubernetes cluster, so you get more time and the latest technology, minus the effort.

AWS architects and Ruby experts

Engine Yard has been the go-to for the Ruby on Rails community for 10+ years. We housed Git Hub in their first years to get them up and running. When you sign up you get our know-how and the help of certified AWS architects on your side.

Take the burden of DevOps out of the equation, get your time back

Private Kubernetes clusters

Get higher perfomance and no latency, with a dedicated AWS account and set of VPCs.

Pre-built stacks

Get faster start times, better performance and scalability, with our machine learning-optimized stacks.

Regular stack updates

Keep your stack up to date automatically, with new functionality and security patches.

Logs & diagnosis with ELK

Easily take a look at centralized logs, trace issues to the roots and avoid downtime, all from Engine Yard.

Grafana observability

Make monitoring easy, with automated alerts and metrics on resource usage, app failure, scale and more.

For developers

Configure and share applications, create and roll back releases, manage domain names and more.

Build your vision,
let us manage your infrastructure

Try Engine Yard’s private cluster deployment for 14 days, with zero platform fees ousage charges.

Resources for Tech founders & Head of product

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