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Why Choose Engine Yard?

Thousands of teams with limited DevOps support easily run complex containerized applications with Engine Yard:

Deployment and Professional Services

Engine Yard has an amazing Support team, but certain things fall outside the scope of what Support covers. Those tasks are handled by our expert Professional Services team. Below is a list of our standard offerings. If you don’t see what you need, please inquire, as we can likely find someone on our team with the expertise needed to deliver a custom solution.

Services Offered

Database Analysis

Has a database bottleneck hindered your ability to scale? Our DBAs can examine your datastore and provide you with reports that summarize key performance characteristics, including the identification of inefficient queries, missing indexes, and RAM utilization and usage statistics

Database Migrations

Do you need to migrate your application to Engine Yard or to a new environment within Engine Yard? We’ve performed many migrations and can offer the assistance you need to minimize your downtime and risk during the transition

Custom Chef

Does your application require a technology not supported by the Engine Yard platform? In cases where our stack does not have what you need, custom Chef can be written to fill that gap. Our Engineers have plenty of experience automating configurations on our platform and can deliver the cookbook you need

Stack Upgrades

Is your application running an old stack? Migrating to a new stack presents many challenges such as Chef upgrades and a full migration to a new environment. We can help you perform and execute a seamless upgrade

Disaster Recovery Implementations

Does your business have requirements for continuity in case of a disaster? We can assist you with selecting and implementing the type of D/R plan you need. From cold standbys to hot standbys, we can customize a solution to fit your business needs

Deployment Assistance

Having trouble getting your application up and running? Maybe you’re having trouble with some dependencies. We can help you get over that final hurdle to get your application deployed and running


Would you like your staff to be more knowledgeable about AWS, Chef, or any other technology supported by Engine Yard? Our experts can provide training on anything related to or used on the Engine Yard platform

Utilization Reports

Are you concerned about your current monthly spend or consumption? Perhaps you want to know how much headroom you have to grow in your current configuration. We can do a full analysis of your resource usage and provide you the information you need to help with scaling and billing

Application Analysis

Is your application eating up too much memory or are certain transactions taking too long to respond? We can do a complete profile of your application, find the trouble spots and offer recommendations to improve performance

Custom Implementations

Does your business require a custom solution such as an SSH bastion host, PCI compliance, or HIPAA compliance? Maybe you need a custom backup solution to multiple locations. We can help you with any custom solutions required by your application

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Engine Yard is so much more than just a RoR PaaS Platform.

Does your business require a custom solution such as an SSH bastion host, PCI compliance, or HIPAA compliance? Maybe you need a custom backup solution to multiple locations. We can help you with any custom solutions required by your application.

Our customers are building new features and great products. They don’t have to worry about their infrastructure anymore.

Craig Bennett


“I’m so grateful we had Engine Yard during those times,” “It was the first major multi-retailer sale event where we’ve had no worries about running at sufficient scale. There was no backlog of processing and all orders were processed promptly. We got a lot of really nice comments from customers on how fast the platform was. It was extraordinary for us — brilliant.”

CJ Johnson

Chief Technical Officer Co-Founder

“We rely on Engine Yard to deliver a flexible, reliable platform with a rock-solid stack, so we don’t have to invest in building internal resources and hiring an ops team. Even with our customized configurations, Engine Yard makes it easy to deploy – we just click a button. We go from development to staging to production with all of our focus on building a great product.”

Kiran Darisi

Director Technical Operations

“We didn’t have a dedicated DevOps team at the start, so we chose Engine Yard to run our highly scalable help desk application. This allowed us to focus on building new features, and we released our pre-beta software in three months – without Engine Yard, it would have taken at least double that time. Engine Yard support and professional services are exceptional. They are quick to respond and provide their expertise on everything from stack updates to database support and chef recipes.”

Sankara Rameswaran

Principal Architect

“EngineYard is a great partner for running our infrastructure. We are a really small team of engineers, yet we have the same kind of infrastructure as a company with excellent resources. With Engine Yard, we get deployment, monitoring, recovery, and scaling. Essentially, they are our extended DevOps team.”

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