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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Engine Yard is tailored to fit the needs of its many customers, from small startups to large enterprise customers. Companies like Badgeville, a leader in gamification, use Engine Yard to save on operations costs. Bleacher Report, an open source sports network, runs on Engine Yard to make sure the network has constant uptime and the company can focus on building the sports community.

The trial account is a great way to get a sense of what Engine Yard can do for you. It will help you understand how our platform automation works and how easy it is to run your application on Engine Yard. The Engine Yard trial comes with free 7-day access to your own private cluster & a $100 AWS credit. You can signup for the free trial at Engine Yard uses AWS resources. Please note that you will continue to get charged unless you explicitly cancel the trial.

Engine Yard currently supports the following three languages - Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Node.js. - and is always looking to add more languages.

Engine Yard Cloud (EYC) is our legacy platform, which runs on EC2 instances. Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK) is our rearchitected platform, which uses containers. It reduces deployment time to minutes, scales automatically in response to demand and offers monitoring, centralized logging and analytics. While we continue to support EYC our resources are primarily focused on innovating on EYK.

No - you don’t need to have a containerized application to get started with EYK. But if you have a containerized application, you can bring it to the Engine Yard Kontainers. EYK provides optimized Application Stacks - all you have to do is select an Application Stack that is suitable for your application and just deploy it on EYK. It’s that simple! You don’t need to understand containers or containerize your application.

EYK Private Clusters are your own fully managed Kubernetes compatible clusters on Engine Yard. Private clusters are network and resource isolated for security and performance. EYK Private Clusters run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an isolated account and within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Engine Yard's kickass, around-the-clock support is always there to help you deploy and run your apps smoothly in a "NoOps" fashion. Choose the right plan that meets your needs: Standard Support Level: $0 with 12 hours a day/ 5 days a week support. Premium Support Level: Greater of $800 or 20% of container usage, 24/7 support, and proactive response. Platinum Support Level: Greater of $1,200 or 30% of container usage, 24/7 support, proactive response, and full stack support.

An Application Stack is a set of pre-packaged software components that are designed to run certain kinds of applications. For example, EYK Ruby on Rails v6 Application Stack has these pre-packaged components: Ruby v2.6 Rails v6 HAProxy v1.8.8 Passenger v5.3.7 EYK offers multiple Application Stacks that support various programming languages and runtime environments.

Yes. You will be able to create and manage other resources such as databases on RDS, S3 buckets. Your applications will be able to access these resources that create and manage through Engine Yard.

Yes. You can create VPC peering from external VPCs to Engine Yard VPC so that you can access external VPC resources from Engine Yard VPC.