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We're Your Depth on the Bench

Our deeply knowledgeable team of Database Support engineers can supplement your data and engineering teams.

Why Engine Yard DBA's

Our team has over 20 years combined experience managing DBaaS in AWS and Private Clouds and over 45 years combined experience managing, troubleshooting and optimizing Production databases. Every member of our team has “had their head in the clouds” since before Cloud Data Services became a buzzword and our own curated cloud database stacks have been progressively refined since they launched in May 2009.

Our engineers back your team with:
  • Specialization with AWS RDS and EC2 Technologies
  • Proactive Database Monitoring and Alerting
  • 24x7x365 Coverage
  • Database Upgrades, Database Migrations and Conversions
  • Performance Tuning and Query Analysis
  • General Database Support and Troubleshooting

Within Engine Yard, the data team consistently maintains an even higher satisfaction rating than the rest of support as a whole.

How we do this:
  • We treat your data as sacred, and first do no harm.
  • We educate each other, so everyone on our team is equally capable.
  • We educate our Support engineers, so we can always provide you with the greatest amount of knowledge as quickly as possible.
  • We educate your team so that you can make the best choices in configuration and code design based on the data technology you leverage.
  • We always look for opportunities to enhance our services, techniques, and technologies.

Data Technologies

In addition to a good diversity of knowledge within our Data Team, we are continuously evaluating other technologies for inclusion in our core stack. We have both a core set of technologies we focus on supporting, as well as some related knowledge areas where we can typically help you out.

Core Knowledge
  • MySQL / Percona Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • RDS Aurora
Related Knowledge
  • 10+ years of Linux & DevOps
  • 20+ combined years experience with DBaaS in the Cloud
  • All Support Managers are certified AWS Solutions Architects
  • Capabilities across many emerging microservice technologies: Deis, ETCD, CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
Why Customers Love Us

Why Customers Love Us

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