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Discover the Best Elastic Beanstalk Alternative: Engine Yard

Reliable deployment, easy configuration and the best PaaS support on the market

Stop spending time troubleshooting failed deployments with Elastic Beanstalk. With Engine Yard you get a dedicated team monitoring and supporting your deployment. 

All Engine Yard customers also benefit from 24×7 worldwide support that includes Linux, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, and DBA staff that you can rely on to help manage your application.

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Engine Yard is so much more than just a platform

Engine Yard has over 10 years of experience delivering true 24×7 enterprise-grade DevOps.

  • 20 Years Expertise of DBA Support
  • Automation
  • Custom Chef
  • Deployment Assistance
  • Health Check
  • Autoscaling
  • Performance Testing
  • Real AWS Hardware at 50% Lower Price
  • 24/7 Proactive Support
  • Stack Optimization
  • Load Testing
  • Autoscaling
  • Disaster Recovery

Flexibility and Control

Even though Engine Yard manages all app deployments, EC2 instances and databases – you still have control over your app, with root access to your dedicated virtual machine and the ability to rename your hosted database (something Elastic Beanstalk does not allow you to do)

Say goodbye to losing time troubleshooting failed deployments

Engine Yard has a dedicated team monitoring and supporting your deployment.

Enjoy our 24×7 monitoring and reporting on app performance with our outstanding support.

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Backups and Management

At Engine Yard day to day operations and management of tasks such as performing backups, managing snapshots and clusters, administering databases and load balancing are all handled by our support team. Our team also makes sure all software components are scanned for vulnerabilities so you don’t have to worry about your application’s security


With Engine Yard you get clear documentation, tutorials and steps on how to deploy your app. Our documentation includes dashboards, video tutorials and other visual aids. You won’t find this level of clarity and self-service with Elastic Beanstalk

You don't get all that with Elastic Beanstalk.

Not convinced? Check out our Engine Yard vs PaaS comparison.

Focus on building your apps and let Engine Yard manage the rest.

Try Engine Yard’s private cluster deployment for 14 days, with zero platform fees usage charges.

Our customers are building new features and great products. They don’t have to worry about their infrastructure anymore.

Craig Bennett


“I’m so grateful we had Engine Yard during those times,” “It was the first major multi-retailer sale event where we’ve had no worries about running at sufficient scale. There was no backlog of processing and all orders were processed promptly. We got a lot of really nice comments from customers on how fast the platform was. It was extraordinary for us — brilliant.”

CJ Johnson

Chief Technical Officer Co-Founder

“We rely on Engine Yard to deliver a flexible, reliable platform with a rock-solid stack, so we don’t have to invest in building internal resources and hiring an ops team. Even with our customized configurations, Engine Yard makes it easy to deploy – we just click a button. We go from development to staging to production with all of our focus on building a great product.”

Kiran Darisi

Director Technical Operations

“We didn’t have a dedicated DevOps team at the start, so we chose Engine Yard to run our highly scalable help desk application. This allowed us to focus on building new features, and we released our pre-beta software in three months – without Engine Yard, it would have taken at least double that time. Engine Yard support and professional services are exceptional. They are quick to respond and provide their expertise on everything from stack updates to database support and chef recipes.”

Sankara Rameswaran

Principal Architect

“Engine Yard is a great partner for running our infrastructure. We are a really small team of engineers, yet we have the same kind of infrastructure as a company with excellent resources. With Engine Yard, we get deployment, monitoring, recovery, and scaling. Essentially, they are our extended DevOps team.”

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