Engine Yard stack v7 is now generally available


We are excited to announce the general availability of Engine Yard stack v7. The stack v7 brings the latest technology, databases and processors together so that you can run your applications faster and cheaper. 

Latest Tech:

  • Ruby: version 2.7 to 3.1 and support for future versions of Ruby
  • Rails: versions 5,6, 7 and support for future versions of Rails
  • NodeJS: version 14+
  • PHP: versions 7.3+, version 8.0+
  • MySQL: v5.7, v8
  • PostgreSQL: v9.5 to v14+
  • Operating System: Ubuntu v20.04 LTS and support for Ubuntu v22.04 LTS is coming soon

OS EOL – Stack v6 runs on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and that is going to be EOL in just a few months (April, 2023). Older stacks such as v5 and v4 run OS versions that have already reached EOL. Stack v7 supports Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and it will soon support 22.04 LTS which will have a much longer life. That’s one more reason to upgrade your applications to stack v7 now.

Graviton ARM Support: Graviton has been game changing for reducing AWS costs. Graviton2 delivers 40% price-performance over an equivalent x86 processor. Graviton3 provides up to 25% better compute performance compared to Graviton2 processors. With stack v7, Engine Yard now supports Graviton2 and Graviton3.

V7 supports both x86 & ARM: We realize that it’s not easy to migrate applications to ARM. That is why we built stack v7 to support both x86 and Graviton ARM instances so that you can spend less effort migrating your applications to Graviton. That’s one more way we make AWS Easy!

Enhanced Support Plans: We recognize that taking advantage of these innovations requires extra effort. We want to ensure that you get the most support from Engine Yard so that you can adopt these new technologies with minimal effort. Starting today, we are enhancing our platinum support plan to include support for (a) stack migrations to v7 and (b) migration of your applications to Graviton – both of which would save significantly on your cloud spend.

Looking forward to working with you on your migration. If you have any questions, please reach out to us customersuccess@engineyard.com

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