Engine Yard’s Evolution: Support for Containers


Cloud infrastructure has become elastic, agile, and resource-efficient over the past decade – particularly with containerization and the broad adoption of Docker and Kubernetes.


First-generation cloud technology revolutionized how organizations optimized the server infrastructure using Virtual Machines without expensive proprietary hardware. Engine Yardwas one of the first to take advantage of the virtualization-driven compute infrastructure to provide application deployment and management as a service.


Second-generation (the current) cloud technology builds upon virtualization and yet again delivers exponential resource efficiencies using containers.  With containers, the computing infrastructure is far more elastic, agile, and efficient. Simply put, you should only be leveraging compute as you need it. Most importantly, this elasticity should be dynamic,  near real-time, and react well to the fluctuating demand. We can achieve this with containers because containers are:


  • Instantly Scaled: Virtual machines may take several minutes to boot up their operating systems and begin running the applications they host, while containerized applications can be started almost instantly. This gives your applications the ability to scale in near real-time and based on real demand.


  • Lightweight: Containers are orders of magnitude smaller than VM (think MB vs GB) enabling far efficient utilization of computing and memory resources.


  • Secure: They provide the same level of isolation as virtual machines as the underlying host can be easily segregated protecting/isolating all containers on that host.


  • Declarative: Containers are  declarative, such that we can codify them and maintain them as ‘code’ (a.k.a. Infrastructure as Code).


  • Deterministic: Because containers instantiated from scratch each time (i.e. 100% of the runtime is built from scratch each time, from the same declarative code) Development, Q/A, Staging, or  Production environment can be guaranteed to have the same behavior regardless of where it was built, tested or executed.
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We are excited to bring all these benefits of the containerized infrastructure to our customers with Engine Yard Kontainers (a.k.a. EYK). In addition to container benefits, EYK brings the benefits of a managed service.


  • Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK) = Fully Managed, Supported container infrastructure.


  • Fully Managed: Not just support for containers but the entire infrastructure such as orchestration, cluster management, networking, load balancing, monitoring are fully managed and supported by the Engine Yard team that you’ve always trusted.


  • Multiple Application Stacks: We are incorporating best practices matured over a decade of innovation in established tech stacks like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js,  and wrapping all that in world-class support, which will continue to be the extension of our customer’s DevOps team.


  • Secure Private Clusters: EYK provisions private clusters that are run in an AWS account and a VPC that is exclusively yours, and not shared with anyone else.


  • Pay only for what you use (down to the second), not the idle infrastructure: With EYK, infrastructure management is our responsibility – just scale up or down as you need and you’ll pay for the container time that you use, not for the idle infrastructure.



Engine Yard Kontainers is our evolution of Engine Yard to the new generation Cloud, where we provide a fully managed, fully orchestrated, containerized environment where customers can deploy and run their application and focus on just building their application while offloading 100% of the DevOps to Engine Yard.

Welcome on board!

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